You can be involved in the people of the rich countries. 
Shin-Okubo Station 5-minute walk of foreigners and live share house

Japanese here!

chinese here korean here

1 As nearly half of foreign students are popular areas, foreigners

A lot of international students live in this area because it has good access to the city The kitchen and the living room are also open, so you can easily contact each and many Shin-Okubo area where there are many delicious restaurants. I can engage with people from abundant countries.

2 Abundant interchange space such as lounge and rooftop

The kitchen and the living room are also open, so you can easily contact each other, so it is also recommended for people who are new to share house.

3 Events are held according to the season

Various events will be held throughout the year, so you will get acquainted with each other through the event and you can master native foreign languages ​​if you become friends.

1 completely single room Internet

with ¥60,000~

Private rooms with outstanding ease of living are available from 60,000 yen per month. We also place importance on ease of living in share houses.

2 Good access from Shin-Okubo Station 5 minutes to walk

Shin-Okubo Station 5 minutes to walk, Okubo Station 10 minutes to walk and Station on underground. Access to various places in Tokyo is also outstanding.

3 Air-Conditioned furniture with home appliances

Preparation of furniture home appliances in unnecessary. You can move with one bag.

4Bicycle Parking available

We also have a Bicycle parking lot. Because the Shinjuku area is within the bicycle range, if is popular for ease of living.

5It is possible to move in without the Guarantor

Free Time Jobber is OK as well! You can immediately move in without a Guarantor.

The remaining 4 rooms! 

If you wish to move in, please consult us as soon as possible.

Share House where you can live with Japanese

and another Foreigner of Shin-Okubo/ Okubo

Those who want to live life like abroad
Please feel free to contact us
The spacious lounge is designed to facilitate communication at various places.
Japanese style room
Many foreign students who move in search of a Japanese style room are popular.
The common kitchen has the latest appliances and kitchen equipment.
I watched the starry sky and talked with alcohol only. You can get strong communication.
Although it is a shared house, private space can be secured firmly.
We offer various types of rooms, so you can choose your favorite room.
Wash basin
it is easy to use becauseI it has a separate washbasin.
There is also decoration that makes you feel Japan in the house, and it is popular among foreigners.
Floor map
Comments referral from tenants
※The photograph is an image.

I will study English

In the future I wanted to get a job abroad, I had an online English conversation for nearly a year, but I was impatient with not being able to improve my efforts enough. I thought that there is no choice but to change the environment, I found this share house, I moved in, but surprised when I entered. Since the surroundings are always English environments, I have naturally improved and a lot of foreign friends made and fulfilling!

It is easy to live

Although I was interested in share house, I was hesitant because there was "a bit scary".  Because it was "complete single room" with this advertisement that I happened to see, I dared to move in, but I am surprised and very surprised.  I can talk to foreign friends at shared space at any time and stay comfortably because I can hold my time firmly in my room!

I thought
to study abroad

More than half of the tenants are foreigners, so basically all the conversations are in English.  Since I try to use only English in my own consciousness, I feel that the environment is not different from what I am studying abroad.  Foreign friends point out on the spot or teach us so I'm very happy with a very good environment!

The remaining 4 room! Please contact us as soon as possible towards the tenants hope.

Share House where you can live with Japanese

and another Foreigner of Shin-Okubo/ Okubo

Those who want to live life like abroad
Please feel free to contact us

Address:Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Okubo 1-14-11
occupancy conditions:male OK female OK foreigners OK 
Japanese:identity card, residence, guarantor (There guarantor unnecessary system) Emergency Contact 
foreigners:passport , visa, emergency contact, alien registration certificate
transportation:Tokyo JR Yamanote Line Shin-Okubo Station Okubo Station on foot within 10 minutes within a 5-minute walk

Flow to move-in

1Contact us

Please feel free to contact us by email

2 Property tour

Hope for the viewing will be accepted at any time. You can see vacant rooms and shared spaces.


Since the Guarantor is unnecessary, the contract will be exchanged, the contract will be completed.

4 Move in

You can move in on the same day after contract. Furniture home electronics etc. are available, so you can move in with one-bag.

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)


What is the share house?

A shared life style that shares a living room, a kitchen and a bath other than your own private room. There are also many people who are planning to move in, even among society people, because there are also good conditions such as utility fee and internet fee included in rent. Also, unlike ordinary room sharing, there are management companies and operators who manage and operate the property, so it is possible to consult with troubles and troubles which can`t be said to residents in the share house.

What type are there in the share house?

There are types called dormitories that share one room for about 2 to 4 people, from a type that can use a private room like a one room. The dormitory room is because the rent is cheaper than the private room. If there are tenants who are in good shape, it may be possible to have a fun dormitory life that has never existed before. In a private room, from the house of making that you do not know whether the walls are thin and private can be kept, there is even a thing with a TV, a refrigerator installed, a property with high design and luxurious facilities, so let's check things you care about properly.

What kind of people live in the share house?

Foreigners who  want to stay for a short period, such as  foreign workers of the same age who have the same dreams and troubles with the same  entrepreneurs  and everyone  from ordinary salaried workers ,  A variety of "individual"  people,  such as  curious students who have lived in guest houses or share houses, social workers  , diligent students and social workers who are interested in studying foreign languages ​​(mainly English)  I am moving in.  In addition, although share house seems to have a strong image of male residents, actually it seems that share house accounts for more than half of women's share.

Please tell me the merit (benefits) of living in a share house

The charm of the share house, I think that "community" exists in your life no matter what. For example, when you return home you have someone to talk to. There are companions who can talk about trouble. I think that it is one of the popularity of a share house that has a sense of security that makes us forget the loneliness in Tokyo. You can change your mood through the community and share with foreigners, improving your English, broadening your horizons, and many other benefits. Also, there are many unnecessary items such as security deposit, key money and security deposit, minimum required furniture, television, refrigerator, air conditioner etc. are equipped, microwave oven, washing machine etc. are also shared section and it is easy to stay from short term to long term stay There is a big merit of being able to live.

Is share house an international exchange, or is it true that you can learn English (Japanese)

There are many share houses in Tokyo that are foreign residents (primarily from English-speaking countries). From foreigners who stay for a short period of time, they are businessmen and long-term business trip businessmen, international students, etc. but it is necessary to communicate with "shared space" as always as possible, so people who improved in the share house, friends abroad There seem to be a lot of people who made it.

I am not good at communicating, is it OK?

If you think about not thinking too seriously and send a natural life, it seems that most of the cases are inevitable conversations born through communities in "shared space" and so on. However, I do not think that share house life is not suitable for people who prefer a quiet life that does not like to contact people..

There seems to be a lot of share houses, 
How do I choose?

In the site of the share house, not only the details of the property, but also appearance, interior photographs, tenancy conditions and operator's comments etc. are posted. If you find a share house you care about, first contact the operator, make a reservation for property visits if possible, how about the atmosphere of the house, the people in the tenants, the state of facilities that can be used jointly? It is recommended to look up to your heart's content and expenses..

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